Libro Tita y Ben PDF

1 de febrero de 2010
Spanish Language edition: Daddy takes Ben on a surprise trip to the pet store. Ben doesn't want a mouse, a snake, or even a cat. But when a certain puppy makes Ben laugh, a lasting friendship is formed. Three short chapters trace a day in the life of Ben and his new puppy, Aggie.


Publicado: 1 de febrero de 2010
Editorial: Charlesbridge
ISBN: 9781607341956
Idioma: Español
Nº de páginas: 48

Lori Ries was born in Syracuse, New York, the eldest of four children. She discovered a love for storytelling as a young child and wrote her first story when she was just ten years old. It was a short story called Jo-Jo the Raccoon based on a true story about a baby raccoon that Lori's grandfather found on the side of the road and brought home for his children to raise. Lori lives in Tigard, Oregon, with her husband and three children.