Libro The Fifth Magic: Young Adult Epic Fantasy PDF

The stars have gone…

Long dormant relics bask in the light of a hundred comets, restoring magics of a previous age. Objects inert for eons become dangers and tools no one can ignore. The use of these artifacts will put everything at risk; all the while providing the greatest opportunity for human advancement in history. No matter what happens to the people of Godsland, the dragons have plans of their own. 

The Fifth Magic is Book Seven of the Godsland Series 
The World of Godsland fantasy series in order: 

The Dawning of Power trilogy 
Call of the Herald 
Inherited Danger 
Dragon Ore 

The Balance of Power trilogy 

The Artifacts of Power trilogy 
The Fifth Magic 
The Seventh Magic 


Editorial: White Wolf Press, LLC
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de páginas: 190

 As a teen, Brian Rathbone had a hunger for Young Adult Fantasy and Epic Fantasy that could not be satisfied. He would hide out in his secret reading place for weeks and perch on his choice of straw bale thrones. It was a spiritual and sometimes emotional journey filled with thieves, wizards and dragons.

Years later, after failing to get a job as a wizard, he channeled that passion to create The World of Godsland YA fantasy series, which also includes multiple free young adult books. Call of the Herald, the series starter, is one such freebie.

Rathbone gives away many of his Young Adult books for free in order to let readers sample his work at no risk to them and so those without a large reading budget can enjoy an epic adventure.

Brian's books are inspired by many of his favorite tales Including The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. His journey as an independent author has largely been influenced by writers like Joseph Lallo, Scott Sigler, MR Mathias, Jeff Wheeler and Nathan Lowell.