Libro Menorah in the Night Sky: A Miracle of Chanukah PDF

1 de enero de 2002
A beautifully illustrated children's book which draws upon the miraculous events of Chanukah -- the Festival of Lights -- and tells the meaningful, yet simple story of two young boys, best friends in a lonely camp during the Holocaust, whose faith and hope brings them their own Chanukah miracle. Separated from their families and far from their homes, Zev and David look to the stars to provide the spark of light in place of the nightly Menorah candle. On the first night, they pin their hopes on a lone star, and wait eagerly for the next night, to see if their Chanukah miracle will come true. A story of friendship and light, full of warmth and hope, richly illustrated and vividly told, Menorah in the Night Sky brings Zev and David to life, and illuminates the value of hope and the miracle of faith, in a way that all children, and their parents too, will enjoy.


Publicado: 1 de enero de 2002
Editorial: Gefen Publishing House Ltd
ISBN: 9789652292964
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de páginas: 48

Jacques J. M. Shore

Jacques Shore is a partner in the law firm of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP. A published writer of articles on legal issues and public policy, as well as a children's books, Mr. Shore is a member of The Writer's Union of Canada.