Libro Bard's Banjo: English Country Clawhammer Banjo Solos PDF

22 de febrero de 2012
Here is a book of tunes from the Elizabethan eraÑthe great period of English songÑset in tablature for the clawhammer banjo. At first glance, it is true, the songs of Shakespeare's day and the mountain banjo seem to be worlds apart. But the musical traditions are, in fact, related, as Elizabethan songs are the old world cousins of mountain tunes. As a result, Elizabethan tunes are a natural way to extend the mountain banjo repertoire for intermediate and advanced players. Their pedigree, their modal feel, the lilting rhythms, and the ease with which they can be adapted to the banjo argue the case. At the same time, they open the possibility for new soundsÑin particular new rhythmsÑfor the old instrument, pushing the banjo beyond unnatural limitations and giving it a new voice. Each section of the book is organized around a traditional mountain tuning, with a mountain song serving as a model of that tuning, illuminating the relationship between the two musical worlds. "The Bard's Banjo" is the first banjo instruction book devoted to the repertoire of Elizabethan song. Free audio downloads are available for use with this title.


Publicado: 22 de febrero de 2012
Editorial: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 9781619110403
Idioma: Inglés
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Steve Harvey is the author of Bound for Shady Grove, a collection of personal essays about his experiences learning to sing and play the traditional music of the Appalachian mountains where he lives. ÊHe is also the author of two other collections of personal essays, A Geometry of Lillies and Lost in Translation and is the editor of an anthology of personal essays called In a Dark Wood: Personal Essays by Men on Middle Age. ÊHarvey has been a professor of English at Young Harris College in the north Georgia mountains since 1976. He has published pieces in many magazines such as Harper'sDouble Take, The Georgia Review, and Creative Nonfiction. He also sings and plays guitar and banjo and has produced a CD of banjo solos named "Three Forks of Ivy," which contains many mountain and Elizabethan tunes.